Kristan's Personal
Dog History

The Real Digger

Sir Brendan Braveheart
(he came with that name, I swear)

Derry, frequent guest 

Willow the Cute

Huck the Respected


About the Dogs

I’m a dog person, and so most of my books have a dog in them, just because I think life without a dog is pretty lonely to contemplate.

FOOLS RUSH IN: Digger, Black lab mutt, utterly devoted to his owner. 

CATCH OF THE DAY: Colonel, noble and aging Golden Retriever. Enjoys lying on beds, rolling in dead things, peanut butter.

JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: Buttercup, half hound-dog, half bull mastiff. Enjoys men, belly rubs, frequent napping and pizza.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Dog: Angus McFangus, West Highland terrier. Enjoys eating trash, chasing raccoons, world domination.

THE NEXT BEST THING: Fat Mikey (Cat). Enjoys instilling fear into the hearts of mice, eating on the dining room table and snuggling with the upstairs neighbor.

ALL I EVER WANTED: Bowie, Husky mutt. Enjoys bacon and pulling Callie on her bike. Angie: purebred Irish Setter. Enjoys perfection

MY ONE AND ONLY: Coco, Chihuahua/Jack Russell. Enjoys manipulation and travel.  

UNTIL THERE WAS YOU: Dog: Shilo, Great Dane mutt. Enjoys sitting on laps and eating cheeseburgers. Not fond of UPS drivers. Cats: Meatball, Sagwa & Jellybean: Enjoy terrorizing dog and plotting evil and cuddling on chilly nights.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE: Beauty, English springer spaniel. Enjoys saltwater swims, flowers, children. 

THE BEST MAN: Blue, a goofy Golden retriever with a crush on the hero's leg. Enjoys ratty tennis balls and snuggling.

THE PERFECT MATCH: Spike, a rescued Yorkshire terrier with a Napoleonic complex. Enjoys world domination.

WAITING ON YOU: Rufus, Irish wolfhound. Fears thunderstorms. Loves sitting on laps and Ben & Jerry's. 

IN YOUR DREAMS: Dog: Sarge, a German Shepherd puppy. Enjoys Squeaky Chicken and being adored. Cat: Lazarus. Semi-feral beast. Enjoys Jack.


IF YOU ONLY KNEW: Loki, aging Australian shepherd. Enjoys hero and toddlers. Dislikes heroine.


ANYTHING FOR YOU: Chico Three, pitt bull rescue. Enjoys Davey, tennis balls, cuddling and small fluffy white dogs.