The setting for the Blue Heron series is a combination of Fulkerson Winery in Dundee, New York, and Hammondsport, which is on the shores of Keuka Lake. 



Part of my job involves a healthy admiration of good-looking, lovely men. On my trip to Oz in March 2013, what was an author to do when presented with such opportunities as the Land Down Under provides? Snap away, of course...

Someone's gotta do it. ; )


This lovely man is NOT Santa Claus…he’s Michael Hauge, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell. He’s a frequent speaker at romance writers’ conferences, because romance novels and screenplays actually have a lot in common. I first saw Michael speak when I was working on my fourth book, and I felt like I’d stumbled on Yoda. Since the first blathering fan e-mail I sent him, Michael has been very kind to me; this year, we did a presentation together about character development in a romance novel. If you’re a writer, I can’t recommend his book enough!



So here we have hard evidence of my dorktastic qualities…we went to the movies, McIrish, his brother, the kids and I, and I saw this huge poster for The Avengers, which features two of my boyfriends: Jeremy Renner and Robert Downey Jr. “Take my picture! Take my picture!” I demanded as my teenagers shrank and hid in horror and embarrassment. But luckily, my brother-in-law was willing to indulge me as he and I wheezed with laughter and the theater employees looked on in varying shades of derision and amusement. “Can I have this when you’re done with it?” I asked. “Sure,” muttered one of the kids behind the counter. “Whatever you want, lady.”





It’s just a nice way to start the new year, isn’t it? One of the most fun things I did this year was the “man war” on Facebook with Jill Shalvis, who is one of my favorite authors and a great friend, too.







Was just on a trip to research the setting for my next project, a series set in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.
Here’s some of the foliage the area is rightfully famous for…






And here’s the view from the grape harvester! Wicked fun! I think I’ve found my retirement job…






  Learning about the process from the owner of Fulkerson Winery (the best rieslings!)
  A decidedly unglamorous shot of the author…this was taken in July during our wonderful vacation to Blue Mountain Lake, NY.
It was a very chilly, rainy day, and my leg was still pretty messed up, so I was forced (forced!) to sit and relax. I was reading Remember Me by the wonderful Laura Moore, one of my new favorite authors, and had a glass of wine. The room was a place Teddy Roosevelt might’ve visited, filled with comfy furniture, a nook for playing cards, a huge leather couch and a stone fireplace. You can see that my perpetually cold feet are wrapped up in my pashmina (thanks, Cassy!). A splendid way to spend an evening!
  Here we have yours truly; the 2011 RITA Award winner Jill Shalvis (single title contemporary, go Jill!); Robyn Carr, quite possibly the world’s funniest person; and the lovely and gracious Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Robyn hosted a readers gathering at a place appropriately called Jack’s in NYC.
  I do love flower gardens. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers…hydrangeas, too, which are just starting to d out. For some reason, I don’t find vegetable gardens as rewarding, but to walk into my house and see so many different types of flowers in bloom, to be able to go outside and pick a bouquet…that’s worth all those hours of weeding and watering and planting.
  I love my sparkly shoes! They’re very Cinderella, don’t you think? This is one cliche I really enjoy embracing…romance writer = sparkly shoes!
  The lovely Michelle Willingham and yours truly. If you don’t know already, Michelle writes gorgeous historical books. She’s also one of the nicest people in the world! She and I were at the Washington Romance Writers Retreat together (both of us quite in awe of some of the other writers there…Dame Nora, of course, and the great Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sophia Nash, Kathy Caskie, Cathy Maxwell…as well as a bunch of others. We got to go to Boonsboro, MD, where Nora and her husband, Bruce, own Turn the Page, a beautiful little bookstore. The town itself is a gem, especiall to those of us who adore small towns and beautiful countryside. It was SUCH a wonderful time!
  Here is my team from Romance Jeopardy, in which lying, cheating and buying the judges glasses of wine was heartily encouraged. Answers included “What is syphillis?” but did not seem to include “What is Waterworld?” no matter how many times we tried to make that fit. I am proud to say that the Mrs. Jeter team came in dead last, having bet 10 to the millionth power on the final question and missing it by one measly word. Hmmph! Kudos to the lovely people of Washington Romance Writers for putting together such a fun, informative and lovely weekend!

  Here are my two beautiful RITAs, one of Catch of the Day, the other for Too Good To Be True. I put them on the shelf with McIrish’s Firefighter of the Year statue…he dragged an unconscious man from a fire, saving his life (right in front of our son and me, no less!). You can also see the flag from my grandfather’s casket; he was a WWII veteran and POW who escaped, rejoined his regiment and helped liberate Dachau. So the ladies are in very fine company indeed!

Reading in Iraq

Here we have Gretchen and Kate, who were serving with my friend, Bill, in Iraq. They were complaining about the lack of fiction at the little store, and Bill said, “I think I can help you out there.” Now Harlequin donates a crate of my books with every release, and I send them over to the troops. Come home safe and soon, troops!

  Here’s our puppy, Willow, who excels at relaxation and wind sprints. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between speed for her. She’s very shy with strangers but adores us, especially my daughter and son. Every night she comes upstairs to tuck them in and looks so sad when she realizes, yet again, that she can’t sleep with them, poor baby.
  The Beautiful Canine Book Club. Mutts need not apply (sorry, Willow!). Aren’t these dogs gorgeous? And so well behaved! And such good taste in books, no less! I get a lot of pictures of my readers’ pets (and keep them coming, I love seeing your pals!). Can’t put them all up, but will give it a shot.