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  • Kristan Higgins


Updated: May 3, 2022


It’s been all about family this week, gang. McIrish came back from a very emotional ceremony for fallen firefighters—he went to represent his platoon mate, Mike, who died a year ago. Firefighters call each other brothers (and sisters). “No problem, brother,” they say, or “See you around, brother.” While McIrish was out West, he had dinner with Robyn Carr and her family. I always wanted a big sis; I have one in Robyn.


Then we went to see Derek Jeter in his last game at Yankee Stadium. My nickname for many years has been Mrs. Jeter; it’s no secret I love the Captain. For thousands of games, I’ve watched him, the skinny kid who became the face of baseball, a guy who was never comfortable with praise and always had his dad at his games. I know how Derek walks, how he stands, how he adjusts his gloves at bat. When he won the game as only Derek Jeter could, I cheered with joy, then cried like a baby, because I’ll miss him something fierce. “They’re like family,” my mom often says of the Yankees, and this week, it felt so true.

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Then my true family—Princess’s college doesn’t call it Parents Weekend. They call it Family Weekend, which is so nice. Not only have I missed my daughter these past six weeks; I’ve missed the four of us all together, or the two kids together, or the three of us when McIrish is at the firehouse, or just her and me, driving home from school or going to the library. It filled up my heart to see her again, to smooch her cheeks and hug her tight.

And finally, IN YOUR DREAMS comes out this week. It’s a book about family, too—finding your place, or redefining it; leaning on them when you need to; knowing that whatever else happens, they’ve got you…even if they drive you a little crazy.

Photo by Craig Orsini, used with permission

Photo by Craig Orsini, used with permission

It’s become my tradition to give a chunk of preordered and first week sales to Fisher House Foundation, which is also all about families. If you’re a service member or veteran who needs hospitalization—or if someone in your family does—your family can stay in a Fisher House, a gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility that feels like home. I can’t think of a better cause.

I hope you love IN YOUR DREAMS, gang. A lot of you have become like family to me, and your friendship and notes, your tweets and posts, mean the world to me.


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