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  • Kristan Higgins

Happiness is a warm puppy

Updated: May 3, 2022


Licking McIrish

We weren’t really planning to get a puppy. I mean, I love dogs, but our house is smallish, and puppies are a lot of work, and I travel a lot. All good solid reasons not to get a puppy. But then my friend asked if she could bring her foster pup over for a visit with a dog who was friendly to other dogs—Willow has never met a dog she didn’t love.

DSCN9874 (1)

Winning hearts and minds.

And so she brought a little black and tan puppy who licked me and was a little scared of Willow at first, but then realized Willow knew all sorts of fun doggy games, and they romped and raced around my office. I asked McIrish if he wanted to come see our friend’s foster puppy…evil genius on my part. Checked in with Dearest Son to make sure he still wanted another dog (yep). Called Princess at college to see if she would feel left out if we got a dog while she was away. (Her response: YES TO ALL DOGS! DO IT NOW!).


Sleeping next to his new mommy (me, that is).

And so, meet Luther. His birth name was Squash (please), and his next name was Dozer, which was kind of cute, but we wanted something with a little gravitas. Martin Luther, of course, who reformed the church. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. And, er, Luther from BBC.

Perfect combination: genius, heart, kindness, physical beauty, all in one barky little package.

Here’s to you, Luther! Long life with your loving family, little buddy.


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