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  • Kristan Higgins

How to have a lovely day

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I was thinking about things that make me happy…no-fail, small things that brighten any day. And so, being a lover of lists, I made one for you!

  1. Read with your morning cup of coffee.

  2. Compliment an older person on their outfit or jewelry.

  3. Talk to a baby.

  4. Pet an animal and gaze meaningfully into its eyes.

  5. Pick flowers and put them somewhere unexpected—your bathroom, your office, your neighbor’s porch.

  6. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

  7. Hug someone. For ten seconds. Nice and hard. Human connection and affection have a biological effect of goodness. When my grandfather was widowed after 67 years of marriage, I used to make sure to touch him…hold his hand, hug him, pretend to polish his cute little bald head. How I miss doing that!

  8. Look at the sky without a computer on your lap or a phone in your hand. It’s easy to forget just how beautiful the sky is, clear or cloudy, dark or bright.

  9. Eat dessert. Enjoy every bite. Don’t think about calories or the gym or how your jeans fit…just enjoy.

  10. Do someone a favor. I’m tall, and I shop in a grocery store that seems populated by tiny little old ladies. Nothing makes me feel happier than to offer to reach something on a high shelf for these ladies.

11. Thank a veteran for his or her service. You know those old guys who wear the baseball caps with the name of their ship? Ask where they served and what they did. Listen. Thank them for the time they gave up, for their skills, for enduring what most of us have not.

Hope you have a very lovely day!


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