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  • Kristan Higgins

My new best friend

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

So my Mac wasn’t working that well, which meant I spent way, way too long on the phone with many of the lovely people at Apple. No one solved my problem, mind you; it’s an ongoing saga, but here’s the thing. You spend 92 minutes on the phone with me, you’re going to be treated to the Kristan Must Make A New Friend Interrogation:

“So, Josh, where you are from? Boise? Really? I’ve been there. I had lunch at BoneFish. You ever go there? What did you have? What’s the weather like in Boise? Really? It’s damp here. Yeah. You like working for Apple? That’s nice. Really? Your boss didn’t back up his computer? Oh, man!”

Apple Care techs are not alone; I also feel the need to make BFFs with everyone who sits next to me on public transportation; anyone with a baby or a dog; all babies and dogs; and firefighters. ; )


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