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Reader Questions

Jenny admits that she’s in an unhealthy dynamic with Owen and Ana-Sofia, but she also acknowledges that they’re incredibly nice people (with excellent taste in food and wine). Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship where you knew you should distance yourself but took too long to do so?

A lot of people say infidelity is a deal breaker. This book was inspired in part when a stranger sat down next to Kristan and just blurted, “My husband is having an affair. I always thought I’d leave him if it came to this, but now that the moment is here, I don’t know what to do.” What do you think you’d do? Would it depend on the type of infidelity—a one-night stand vs. an affair, for example?

Jenny and Rachel have very different views of their childhood. Do you think Jenny was wrong not to tell Rachel about their father? What about their mother? Did she have the right to know, or did Jenny do the kinder thing in not telling her?

Leo comes across as cocky and funny when Jenny first meets him. What were some of the signs that there was more to him than met the eye? When you learned about his past, did his initial impression and actions make sense to you?

Rachel is in love with her life as a stay-at-home mom. Did you relate to that aspect of her? How about her decision to give Adam a chance to redeem himself?

There is a time when Rachel and Jenny can’t be as close as they had been, since Jenny now knows the truth about Adam. In a way, she’s being punished for being the shoulder Rachel has cried on, and yet every time Rachel sees her sister, she’s reminded that Adam cheated on her. Have you ever been in that type of situation?

Do you think Adam is an uncommon sort of husband?

Rachel and Jenny’s mother seemed to love being miserable. Do you know people like her? Why do you think they choose to stay in the most terrible role of their lives—in Lenore’s case, widow? Is there some comfort in remaining a victim?

What do you think finally gives Jenny the insight to shake loose of Owen? Do you think it’s possible for people to stay friends after they break up or divorce? What did you think about Ana-Sofia?

At the end of the book, Jenny has an epiphany that there is no perfect life, only perfect moments that mark the path we take. What have been some of your perfect moments?

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