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  • Kristan Higgins

Happy times!

Updated: May 3, 2022

About 25 years ago...

About 25 years ago…

This week, I got to see my eldest godchild. I have six godchildren, something I’m very proud of, but Julia was my first, and my flower girl when I got married. She’s now a mom of an adorable tot and an ER nurse.

Now, as you may know, I once had dreams of working in medicine that were quickly dashed when I learned how much math and science I’d have to study in college and med school. But I never lost my fascination for the human body. I’m a bit of a rarity in my vast extended family; out of dozens of us, only about four aren’t squeamish. And two of us LOVE that gross stuff—Julia and me.


We were in Princess’s college town, where I was the professional in residence for the day, and Julia and her tot, the Princess, and I went back to my hotel after dinner. My 600-Pound Life was on TV—a shared fascination, that show—and as her little tot discovered the wonders of pushing a chair around the room, Julia educated Princess and me about the challenges of taking care of patients in this situation. “See what you’ll get to do?” she told my daughter. Then, to me, “Oh, I have a great pus story for you!” she said. You can see why I love her.

These are not real! They're for Halloween, and have a battery that enables them to crawl. Yes, I own one.

These are not real! They’re for Halloween, and have a battery that enables them to crawl. Yes, I own one.

I shared two amputation stories with her—both times when McIrish had to retrieve a severed limb. She was duly impressed, but as an ER nurse, definitely had a comeback story. We spent a happy evening playing with the World’s Cutest Toddler, swapping tales of gore and blood, and watching TV. My current work-in-progress opens with a scene in the ER. Julia is my consultant. Good to have a nurse in the family. ; )

Julia was one of my practice babies: I was 18 when she was born, and I love her so much, and her little one, too. It was lovely, having both my girls with me for the evening, feeling maybe getting a preview of grandparenting.

Happy times. Happy, happy times.


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