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  • Kristan Higgins

Judge a book by its cover

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I’ve been thinking about book covers a lot lately. When I’m in a bookstore, it’s the first thing I’m drawn to, unless I’m there for a specific book. But as a browser, that’s the first reason I’ll pick something up.

There seems to be a recent trend to focus on the woman in romances lately, and I don’t have a problem with that. I like that better than the clinch covers. As you know, I also like covers that feature animals…I think Harlequin started a lovely trend with my books because I see dogs everywhere these days.

Of all my covers, My One and Only is my favorite. The models have great body language here, and while you can see a little bit of their faces, you just get a hint. The sky, the car…and smart little Coco. It’s fun, it’s upscale, the colors are gorgeous. The art department knocked this one out of the park.

Here are some of my other favorites…

Susan Elizabeth Phillips and The Great Escape. So much going on in this picture! The roses, the running…I was dying to know this story the second I saw it. SEP is an auto-buy for me; she’s an author I really look up to, but if I’d never heard of her, I would’ve bought this book just for the cover.

Nora and Vision in White. Again, the words “Nora Roberts” are probably enough to sell 10 million copies (or more), but this dress is so romantic! So dreamy and almost wistfully beautiful. I love the way the photo is cropped, and the typeface is just gorgeous, too.

Rachel Gibson’s Crazy on You. Sexy, sassy, fun. The boots add some tremendous attitude, don’t you think? It’s really clean, there’s lots of room for Rachel’s name, and you already like this chick in the short dress.

My buddy, Robyn Carr, and The Hero (it’s not out yet). Er…setting as character, anyone? This is a Thunder Point book, and like all of Robyn’s stories, you’ll want to live in this small coastal town in Oregon. And you’ll want to sit by the fire with this guy. There’s such a moodiness to this picture…a sense of loneliness, as is, This guy really needs to fall in love. And he will. Oh, yes.


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