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  • Kristan Higgins

The Name Game

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I’ll admit it. I’ve run out of names for a hero. I’m loosely plotting a book, and where there should be some awesome hero’s name, I just have HERO.

I like real names…that is, names that people have heard before 2010. Bryceton, for example, would be out, unless I were writing a historical (in which case the Earl of Bryceton has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?). Jayden, Caden, and Zaydon (yes, I heard it) are all out.

I like a name with some legs, meaning a name that has some heft to it…I like Irish-Anglo names (such as Ian, Liam, Malone, and Callahan). I like some Biblical and saints’ names: Levi, Noah, James, Nicholas. Nothing wrong with some old-fashioned normal names. Tom. Nothing wrong with Tom. Ditto Sam.

Problem is, I’ve used all these. The other problem is my many relatives, though I admit to swiping cousins’ names (I have too many cousins not to). Then there’s the pop culture curse. Justin (Bieber). Jonas (Brothers). Christian (Grey). Jeremy (Renner). Leo (DiCaprio, though yeah, I might go there).

I know about all the websites and name wizard apps and that sort of thing. I’m still struggling. Heroines aren’t a problem for me. I guess it’s because I have to fall in love with the hero, so his name is more important.

Welp, back to the outline. HERO is waiting for me.


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