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  • Kristan Higgins

Things I Learned About Myself at Conference

Updated: May 3, 2022

As you might know, I was at the Romance Writers of America National Conference in San Diego this past week, piggybacking with an RWA board meeting beforehand. I was gone for eight days, which is significant for me, especially given my propensity for slutty shoes when I’m off authoring it up. Here are a few things I learned about myself.

1. I like people. Some authors are shy and are clearly wishing they were elsewhere; some give off a “Don’t look at me, I’m with my friends” vibe; most (cough) still can’t get over the fact that people want to meet them. Just for the record, if you ever want to talk to me or have a photo together, say the word! I will never stop being grateful for my readers.


2. I love cheeseburgers. When you’re at a conference, you either eat the food they give you at the lunches and breakfasts, or you choose carefully based on the people around you and whether or not the food has onions or garlic. Cheeseburgers tend to be sloppy, and I don’t want people to see me wolfing down a half-pound of meat with juice and tomato sliding down my wrists, so I didn’t get to eat a cheeseburger until I was at the Atlanta airport, at which point all bets were off.

3. I don’t know how to use a king-size bed when I’m alone. I missed sleeping with McIrish, so I made a fake husband out of the many pillows on my bed, and slept on my regular side. I should sleep like a starfish, or at least roll over a couple of times, but instead, I’m draped over my fake husband, using about 25% of the space allotted to me.

4. I can wear slutty shoes and cool dresses for a total of seven days, breaking my previous record of five days. On Day 8, it was leggings and flip-flops, baby. Today, we’ve downgraded even from there to pajamas and bunny slippers.

5. I love my fellow authors. New friends and old, experienced or greenhorns, we’re all the same inside—those nerdy kids who loved to read more than they loved to play, who still crush on Rhett Butler, and who find love in the pages every single day.


Thanks to my fellow board members, RWA committee members, the amazing RWA staff, and everyone who came to the conference and made this such a wonderful, memorable experience! I’m so grateful!


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