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  • Kristan Higgins

Thoughts from the mother of the bride

Aw. Mike is teary-eyed. Good.

What beautiful vows! They’re both so eloquent.

I’m so happy! Look at them! They love each other so much!

Look at his sisters. How lucky she is to marry into a family that adores and appreciates her. Ditto him.

Declan looks so handsome.

Great smooch! That’s the way to seal the deal!

Why am I crying? I’m so happy!

Everyone seems to be having the best time! Hooray!

They’re here! They’re so beautiful. My heart is overflowing.

Speech time! I hope people cry. I’m crying, and they should, too!

How lucky she is to have such a daddy.

Is that my son, leading me onto the dance floor! Oh, Declan! You’re the best!

A mother-daughter dance for all of us mommies. We deserve it.

All this work for a few hours. Totally worth it.

My little girl found the person perfect for her.

My work here is done.

Time for bed.

We love you, Flannery and Mike!

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