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  • Kristan Higgins

World’s Worst Whatever

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


As someone who wanted (wants) to be a doctor, I lurve medical shows. Recently, we saw a new one: NY ER. Yes! Finally! Real-life stories in a busy urban emergency room. How! Cool! Also a favorite: Trauma: Life in the ER. When we’re at our place on Cape Cod, we have bizarre cable channels, and one of them shows nonstop surgeries. Joy! Then there are those pregnancy shows that make me cry with happiness. (I’m a sap.) Once, I saw a show called World’s Worst Impalements. Come on. You want to see it, too. No? You don’t? Even I, who am not the least bit squeamish, who once went to an autopsy for the heck of it, got a little unnerved by that one.


But even better, maybe, are the reenactment shows. You know. Real Life Stories from the ER, where actual doctors talk about weird cases they’ve had, which are then reenacted by very terrible actors. Why is this happening to me!?! one actress screams, trying to capture the horror of having some kind of wormy parasite. Somebody, get this crowbar out of my eye! says another. I watch in glee and horror. “Look!” I say to McIrish. “Isn’t that gross?”

“You know that’s not real, right?” he says patiently.

“Look! Look! They’re taking the crowbar out!” I respond.

Honor Holland in The Perfect Match has a fascination with medical shows, too. I got to make up a lot of shows I’d like to watch. Pork Borne Parasites was one. Top Ten Tumors was another. Cottage Cheese Man. My editor was quite fond of that one.

Hey. Gotta relax somehow. : )


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