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  • Kristan Higgins

A day in the life of a writer

Oh, the glamour, dear readers! The travel! The fame! The, um…wardrobe!

Yeah, I’m lying. I mean, sure, I’ve met Nora Roberts, and she is glamorous. Otherwise, uh, no, glamour doesn’t play a big role for me. My wardrobe is four pairs of pajamas for the work week. Bunny slippers. A blankie.

I’ve been on the Cape for the past few days, writing my new book, gearing up for a book tour for A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE (yes! Order it today and you’ll get a prize!). In the meantime, though, I'm working on the next book, and I've gone away to write.

What does “going away to write” look like, you ask? I would love to tell you.

Drive for three hours and arrive at sweet little house your parents so thoughtfully bought when you were a child. Realize a window was left open, and wipe down every surface because it’s pollen season, baby, and you could write your name on the countertops. Sneeze forty or seventy times.

Open laptop. Write. See if the pizza place is still open. Sadly, it's past 8 o'clock, so the answer is no. Open pantry. Find package of food that requires only water and 3 minutes in a microwave. Score! Eat. Write. Finish age-indeterminate ice cream found in freezer. Go to bed.

Repeat the next day. When hunger drives you from the house, go to the grocery store in the next town. Wander aisles while eating a store-bought sandwich, looking for food you will actually consume. Leave with a cucumber, Pop-Tarts, vanilla Oreos and eggs. Feel guilty about your poor nutritional habits and vow to be different once this book is done. Return home. Write. After many hours, wonder when your last shower was. Cringe at answer. Take shower. Put on fresh pajamas. Watch Queer Eye. Cry (tears of joy). Eat Oreos. Set up the coffee. Go to bed. Wake up from terrifying dream about corpses under your house. Go back to sleep.

Wake up. Turn on coffee. Open laptop. Write. Talk to sister. Write more. Talk to other sister. Write more. You’re hungry? You bought Pop-Tarts for a reason. Continue writing. Set reminder to order pizza before 8 p.m.

These days are not glamorous, but you know what? I love them. I love this part of my career when I’m holed up alone with my characters. This is when a book comes to life for me, when it’s just the two of us—me, looking a little strange and unkempt, my book looking better and better.

On June 5th, I start a book tour for A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE, and I sure would love to see you, gang! It’s another favorite part of my career…the best part, really. I promise to wear something other than PJs. The bunny slippers may make an appearance, though.


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