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  • Kristan Higgins

Such a good boy

Luther Bubby Wooper James Higgins-Keenan, a very good dog, went on to his great reward this past weekend. He is survived by his human parents, Kristan and McIrish; a human brother (Dearest Son), a human sister (the Princess), a human brother-in-law (Firefighter Mike); a human nephew (the Peeper); his human grandmother; a feline brother (Huckleberry), as well as his canine bride, Josie. He is predeceased by his canine sister, Willow, who is doubtlessly wrestling and racing with him in the afterlife.

Luther was 9 ½ years old, a gentle, kind doggy who was equally sweet to the elderly and the very young. He loved all living creatures, whether they were fellow dogs, cats, cat lovers, possums, chipmunks or deer. His hobbies were staring into the woods at dusk, snuggling, napping, cleaning up dropped food, going to Cape Cod, and getting into the UPS truck whenever it came up the driveway. He enjoyed disemboweling stuffed animals to eat the squeaky part. As a young dog, he ate a variety of shoes. He was a helpful muse to his author mommy and also loved shadowing his dad doing chores (though he was not much help, to be honest).

Luther was especially fond of snowy days when the children and grownups would play outside. Then, Luther would entertain all by rolling in the snow, catching snowballs mid-air, and chasing after the sled as it sped downhill. He did not enjoy swimming but loved a good walk on the beach, gazing out at the seals as they popped up, and trying to roll in whatever smelled the worst. He was tolerant of his frequent baths and loved the toweling off that followed. He enjoyed running alongside his mother when she rode her bike on Cape Cod, ears flopping, tail wagging, a smile on his doggy face.

Everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting Luther was cheered by his enthusiastic greeting and enjoyed his mellow temperament and excellent manners. He was also very handsome, as he was told daily. He was a gifted diplomat in the dog world, gentle around children, never jumping or barking upon meeting strangers or when in public. Should you visit his home and sit in the green chair, Luther would leap up neatly next to you and cuddle.


Luther, who was a rescue mutt, had several serious medical issues throughout his life, causing his parents to dub him The World’s Most Expensive Dog. At least three times, his parents were told he would not survive whatever health crisis he was in.

Happily, he proved the medical establishment wrong. Much to the joy of his family, Luther was at his healthiest and most energetic these past two years, until recently, when time and his health issues caught up with him. His last weeks were spent gently, lying on his grandmother’s couch watching Jeopardy, gardening and snuggling with his mother, digging in the dirt with his nephew and napping in all his favorite spots. He was the best boy, and his family, though they so wished they had longer with him, will always remember his sweet and gentle ways.


Thank you, Luther, for making our lives better by being our dog. We will see you again one day.

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26 июн.

So sorry for your loss of your beloved fur baby. 😔 Beautiful tribute to Luther. Sending condolences to you, your family and all who love him. 🙏🏻❤️


25 июн.

Losing a loved pet is heartbreaking. I pray sweet Luther’s memories will help during this hard time. Please have comfort in knowing he felt your love and was happy to love you back.🐾💕


25 июн.

Luther, a kind, wonderful, photogenic dog and a great companion. Loved seeing you in pics mommy took and shared with her reading fans all over the world. Whenever you can, send mommy, daddy, sis, bro & baby nephew a kiss. They'll know it's from you. ❤️


24 июн.

A wonderful tribute to a very special, very good boy. I hope the happy memories comfort you during this painful time.


24 июн.

Deepest sympathies to the entire family. He was loved.

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