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Free books! and my Authors of the Week

Updated: May 2, 2022

When I got back from the Romance Writers of America National Conference, I decided to do a weekly feature on my Facebook page: Author of the Week. So many authors were good to be me when I was a newbie; I wanted to pay it forward, and pay it back. I contacted my writer friends and asked if they’d like to be featured, and so many of them said yes, that I figured I’d do a blog to keep up. If you’re not on my Facebook page, please pop over and keep an eye out on Thursdays for the Author of the Week. The first was my dear friend, Susan Andersen, who had a great book out this week (No Strings Attached).

But also this week are, in no particular order:


Jesse Hayworth. Jess writes wonderful, warm contemporary romances, but as Jessica Andersen, she also writes really smart, fast-paced suspense novels. Jess holds the status of First Published Author I Ever Met, and when I said, “I think I want to be a writer, too!” with all the enthusiasm of a Golden retriever puppy, she very kindly patted me on the head (or something) and said, “Go for it.” She’s tolerated me ever since. We all call Jesse Doc Jess, because she has a Ph.D. in something so brilliant and complicated that I forget what it is. Her latest book is a lovers reunited story, one of my favorite kinds. Jess is also a wicked funny blogger, so make sure you visit her at her website, here, for her bimonthly blogs at the Jaunty Quills.

For a chance to win a freebie from Jesse’s backlist, go to her Facebook page and tell her hi from her puppy dog of a fan.


My next author is another of the Jaunty Quills—Robyn DeHart (yes, that’s her real name, and isn’t it perfect for a romance author?). Robyn is one of those friends at first sight people, and her books are luscious, award-winning Regencies with a big dollop of adventure. Once you read her, you’re hooked. She’s a native Texan and when RWA was held in San Antonio, she brought her beautiful daughters to meet us…we’ve heard a lot about them, and they were even cuter in person. If only Connecticut and Texas were closer, I could babysit all the time. Visit Robyn’s website here and pop over to the Jaunty Quills for her blogs, too.

For a chance to win a freebie from Robyn’s backlist, go to her Facebook page and tell her Kristan is dying to babysit.


Beth Ciotta and I had the same editor for a short time, but sometimes, you only need a short time to make a friend. Beth is truly one of the nicest, kindest, biggest-hearted people in the business. During Hurricane Sandy, we all hovered by our computers, since Beth’s house was directly in the path of the worst-hit part of New Jersey. Thankfully, she came out okay, but jeesh! We all got a few more gray hairs because of it. Beth writes YA steampunk (she was nominated for a RITA this past year, which is like an Oscar for us romance writers) and steamy, fun contemporaries—her Cupcake Lovers series is fantastic. Visit her website here.

For a chance to win a freebie from Beth’s backlist, go to her Facebook page and tell her Kristan never met a cupcake she didn’t like.

Barefoot White use for uploading

My last author of the week is Roxanne St. Clair, another author I met early in my career when we were on a book tour with 25 other authors. I was new, she was a superstar (still is!) and she was as nice and friendly as could be. Rocki latest series, Barefoot Bay, is gorgeous. I’ve never wanted to visit Florida more than while reading her books…all those lush, tropical breezes, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the seagulls, the food… Visit her website here.

For a chance to win a freebie from Rocki’s backlist, go to her Facebook page and tell her Kristan really loves her haircut.

Make sure you watch my Facebook page for more Authors of the Week and more giveaways! Happy reading!


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