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  • Kristan Higgins

How to have a lovely day II

Updated: May 2, 2022

Last September, I blogged about how to have a lovely day. Figured it was time to do another list, because I love lists, and I love having a nice day.


Smell the flowers. I know, it’s a cliché, stop and smell the roses, but seriously! Stop and smell the roses! Or the lilacs (if lilacs bloomed all year long, I think the makers of Prozac would go out of business). I would bet that there’s something physiologically linked between good smells and happiness. No flowers around you? Bake some cookies.


Speaking of baking, how about you bake something and give it away? Bring muffins to work, or the soup kitchen, or your neighbor.

Tell someone their baby is beautiful. Because their baby is beautiful. Ask what the baby’s name is and tell the parent you love that name, even if you don’t. “Zoltan? Oh, fabulous! What a gorgeous name!”

Listen to classical music. I recommend the Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello. You don’t have to know anything about classical music to benefit from hearing it.


Write a note to an older person. A real letter, on paper. Describe the weather, or where you are, and a memory of a time with them that was special. I did that to my grandmother, whom I saw often after we’d baked cookies together at Christmastime, and she was so excited by that note that she called me to thank me for it. After she died, I found that letter. She’d kept it all those years.

Take a walk. Just for fun, not to get anywhere, but just to be outside and see stuff. Buildings or fields or woods or the ocean, it doesn’t matter. Strolling is just so underrated.

Look in the mirror and admire something about your face. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, so let’s reverse that trend, shall we?


Go to the library or bookstore. You don’t have to buy anything (though for me, it’s impossible, I’m like a junkie), but just look at books, read back covers and let your mind wander. Bet you’ll leave with an armful.

Rearrange your furniture. It can freshen up the room and make you feel energized.

Tell someone he or she did a good job. Whether it’s your kid cleaning his closet or a coworker finishing a presentation, people need to hear their efforts were noticed and appreciated.

Hope your day is just splendid!


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