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  • Kristan Higgins

I dreamed a dream…

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I often dream that I get lost on my way to my friend Catherine’s house (well, her parents’ house). I’m many hours late, and I realize I’ve taken this wrong route before, and I can’t believe I’ve done it again. This dream irritates me, because I’ve been to Catherine’s house a zillion times. Also, it doesn’t seem to have any deep meaning to it. The only cool thing is that sometimes the dreams refer to other dreams.

Another dream I often have is that I’ve just gone into labor. Before this moment, I was not aware that I was preggers. In these dreams, I’m really happy about this event. Usually, I wake up before the baby is born (and no, not drenched in a cold sweat), but recently, I made it through the whole dream and had a tiny little girl with curly black hair. She was really cute. We didn’t have a name picked out, but I called the kids, and they were thrilled (so it’s clearly a dream, know what I’m saying?).

Then there are my tidal wave dreams…I’m on the beach with a young cousin/child/niece or nephew, and here comes a giant wave, and I have to devise a way for me to save the kid, and the water crashes down on us, but somehow, I manage to hold on, or make it to the car…I always wake up from these in a cold sweat and then go check on my kids. You know. In case a wave came in through the windows while I was sleeping. In our land-locked town.

I’d much prefer to be dreaming about Robert Downey Jr. or Jeremy Renner, let me tell you.


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