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  • Kristan Higgins


Updated: May 2, 2022

There’s really nothing more appealing than a good dad, is there? We all sigh over Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hardy with their kids, and it’s the dream of a lot of women in romance novels to find that guy who’ll make a wonderful father.

Thought I’d show you what they’re hoping to get. McIrish, in fictional form. : )

declan and terence

He is a Lego master and though Dearest Son has received approximately 938 Lego models, McIrish never complained about helping him assemble them.

daddy's little girl

His favorite event of the year is the Father Daughter Dance. Here he is with Princess four years ago.


When there’s a snowstorm, he gets his chainsaw and gets to work and never, ever complains about having to do it.

daddy dragging at pond

He’s not above being goofy in public if it gives the kids a laugh.

terence copy

He doesn’t need extravagant things to make him happy. He’s wise enough to know that a beautiful morning on the porch, healthy kids, and a loving wife are all that really matter.


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