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  • Kristan Higgins

No Disney for me

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Like Faith Holland, the heroine of THE BEST MAN, I have a widowed parent. In Faith’s case, it’s her dad. In mine, it’s my mom. For both of us, a step-parent has never been considered.

After twenty years, Faith’s father, John, decides sure, what the heck, he’ll give it a shot. Is he sweaty and mute on his first foray into the dating world? Er, yes. But he’s trying, anyway, and Faith hopes very much to help find him someone.

I too would like a step-parent. My dear late father was raised by a stepfather who was quite wonderful. I’ve run the stepdad flag up the pole a few times, but my sainted mother refuses to consider the idea unless the man in question is Mariano Rivera, the Yankees’ closer (think of the seats we could get!). But Mariano seems to be happily married, as well as a generation younger than my beloved mom. I believe with a good deal of certainty that Mom would also marry Colin Firth, but since I also love Colin, things might get ugly at Thanksgiving.

I occasionally suggest certain men to my mom. There’s a very gruff and wonderful (and age-appropriate) man at my boxing gym. Occasionally, he’ll say something encouraging to me… “Looking good, sweetheart,” or “Nice right hook, honey.” He rides a Harley and has a grizzled, weather-worn face. I think he would make a great stepfather based on these things. Mom snorted when I told her this and continued doing her crossword puzzle (in ink…she’s a show-off).

So for now, no stepfather to buy me a puppy or take my siblings and me to Disney. Hmmph.


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