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  • Kristan Higgins

Sunday drivers

Updated: May 3, 2022

McIrish and I honored the great American tradition of driving aimlessly around this lovely summer day. We headed out through Connecticut and drove along the Hudson River. Here are a few things we did and saw.


We thought about buying this little cottage but then realized that since we pay taxes, we already own it. It's one of the many Vanderbilt mansions, now a national monument. These make me a little itchy (the mansions, not the Vanderbilts...I would totally date Anderson Cooper, no matter that he's gay and I'm married). But my people were much more likely to have cleaned this house than owned it, and these massive houses just have me calculating how much Clorox Cleanup I'd need to scour the entryway.


We gazed out at the mighty Hudson and thought deep and profound thoughts (like where we should have lunch). Saw some cute babies and toddlers, who were fascinated with my crutches. Stalked a Husky owners club, but they weren't very friendly. This pained me. Husky owners should be incredibly friendly, as are their doggies.


Hence, filled up with culture, we went out to eat and settled on this amazing diner, not far from FDR's residence. I bet FDR would love their onion rings. I definitely did. They had drinks on the menu like Brown Cow and egg cream. Harriet the Spy drank egg creams. I don't actually like them, but I do like the idea, thanks to good old Harriet.

We then crossed the river and found a gorgeous little city that was so beautiful and yet so economically depressed that we talked and talked about what could be done to revitalize it and in about half an hour, had solved all the problems of this and other cities in similar situations. All we need are a few billionaires to get on board.


On the way home, we accidentally came across another national monument, which made McIrish very happy, since he has a little National Parks passbook in which he can get stamps. (He's a dork, but he tolerates me quoting Star Trek a lot, so we get along just fine). This was the J. Alden Weir home. It was closed, but it was so beautiful, and we walked/hobbled around the grounds until my sad little broken bone couldn't take it anymore.

And then, home sweet home! Hope you had a great Sunday, too!


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