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  • Kristan Higgins

That other life

Updated: May 3, 2022


Having come back from sunny San Diego, I’ve pictured a different sort of life for myself. Because I’m a writer, I’ve put my imagination to good use in this little fantasy. You ready?

I’ll live in a house with a view of the ocean. It’s tastefully decorated in a way I can’t imagine, because I’m not real good at interior decorating, but it’s chic yet warm, interesting yet uncluttered.

I’ll totally overcome my fear of the ocean and, indeed, now know how to scuba dive and snorkel without having to surface every minute yacking up seawater. Sharks will seem majestic and graceful and won’t cause the kind of hysteria McIrish had to put up with when we tried to go swimming the other day (note to McIrish: sorry I climbed on your head again).

I’ll learn to love every type of seafood. Even sushi. Even fish with skin still on it.


I'll grow orchids, and they won't die.

I’ll love cooking because there are so many fresh veggies and fruits and fishies and stuff. There is no dry-heaving when I have to handle raw chicken.

I’ll run along the rocky shore every day for exercise without twisting my ankle or breaking any bones. (Hey, this is my fantasy. Let’s go with it.) After my run, I might just leap into the water and swim to a buoy and back, hence totally earning dessert every single night.

The majestic pelicans (Heidi's opinion was slightly different, but hey. I like them.

And every night after the sunset, I’ll say thanks for the beautiful world we live in, and my beautiful family, and my many friends and blessings.

Which, you know, I actually do, wherever I am.

Happy Thanksgiving, gang!


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