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  • Kristan Higgins

The Bittersweets

Updated: May 3, 2022

iyok cover

It’s a big week for me, gang! If You Only Knew comes out on Tuesday, and I’m dying for you to read it (and a little nervous, too). My book tour starts on Tuesday as well; I’ll be starting here in Connecticut, then zipping out to Chicago. I’m pretty good at traveling, though as I was telling my family today, I inevitably envision my death in a crash. I’m Hungarian. It’s what we do to pass the time. (I want you to know I’m very brave and comforting to those around me till the very end in these scenarios, not to worry.)

And then Dearest Son starts school. He’ll be a junior. Once in a while, he’ll still sit on my lap, but I find myself looking at pictures of him when he was a little guy, and missing that sweet voice. He’s a baritone now. He no longer lets me draw cartoons on his napkins, but he does keep the notes I tuck under his pillow if I’m going to be away. Still lets me walk him down our driveway for our morning chat. He’s very tolerant that way.


Princess returns to college this week, also. That’s a little harder because I won’t see her for a month. She’s had a great summer, though, and it’s been wonderful, having her around. We’ve had many special times, both of us knowing that it might be the last summer that she spends entirely at home.

And my cousin got married this weekend! She always looked a bit like a fairy child to me, so delicate and beautiful as a child, a girl who loved when I gave her piggybacks and let her play with my Barbie Dream Van. I think she and her husband will have a lot of fun in their lives; they’re both so funny, and that’s such a great sign for a couple, don’t you think?


I hope you’ll rush right out and buy my book this week, gang. Proceeds from preorders and first-week sales will go to Fisher House Foundation, as usual. When I was in the hospital for a sting a long time ago, I remember the worst part was the loneliness and worry. Fisher House lets families be together at such times, and because these families are military families, well. They deserve it. If you have to be in the hospital, at least you can have your family staying nearby in a gorgeous home for free.

Most of all, I hope you love the book—Jenny and Leo, Rachel and the triplets, little Evander. Let me know what you think, okay? After all, I wrote this book for you.

With gratitude and boundless affection,



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