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  • Kristan Higgins

The perks of being single

Updated: May 3, 2022

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and the emphasis is on couples, I thought I’d buck the trend and talk about how much I truly enjoyed being single back in the day. The perks were many.

  1. No one messes up your stuff.

  2. You can eat what and when you like. From a giant bowl in front of the TV, if you want.

  3. Speaking of TV, there’s no judgment when you’re single. You want to watch a TLC marathon on born-again virgins? Go for it. You want to recite the lines from Bridget Jones’s Diary with Mark and Bridget? Enjoy.

  4. You can travel at the spur of the moment. Tickets on sale to Santa Fe or Brussels? Why the heck not?

  5. You can move. Got a new job offer? Just feel like living in a different part of the country? Go for it.

  6. You can adopt a dog or cat or iguana without having to argue the case.

  7. You don’t have to consult anyone before making plans with friends. No “Are we free on Tuesday for drinks with Mark Darcy? Oh…right. Dinner at your mother’s. Poop.” Nope. Not in Single Lady Land. You say yes to Mark Darcy. Hell’s yes, you do!


8. You can sing at top volume whenever you want without earning a glare.

9. Your mood is yours and yours alone. You feel like a good sulk? Indulge. Ditto a naked dance party with the dog. The dog doesn’t read sexy time or insanity into it. It’s just dancing.

10. You’re not in a crappy relationship. No one standing you up, no confusion, no putting up with less than you deserve. Good for you!


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